11 September 2014

Completed Norman

I actually knitted a whole jumper!

That might not sound too amazing to a lot of you, but I have actually never started and finished a jumper knitting project yet (and there are a lot on the half done pile!) so I am feeling very proud of myself right now.

Not too proud though, I started this jumper 9 months before my nephews 2nd birthday as part of his birthday gift. He is now 2 years and 11 months and I completed it this week! Oops! Safe to say its not going to fit him now, but at least I know I will have a little boy who will grow into it. I will just need to find a new knitting project for my nephew.

The pattern is from 'Just Baby' by Rowan and is called Norton, I'm not 100% sure I didn't pick this pattern because the child is so cute! I loved the colours though so knitted it in the exact same wool as the pattern. Its very boyish but still not dull and too babyish.

The pattern was really easy to follow and not actually too arduous to knit, I just put it down and didn't pick it back up again. I have got half a mind to knit it in a smaller size and some different colours now, but I think I should give some other baby patterns a go. I do like a baby knit though, they come together really quickly and I really think I have picked up a bit of the knitting bug now.

I really like the button panel on the front of this jumper. It was probably the most awkward part to knit up but it gives a nice little detail to the front and will make taking it on and off the little man really easy. 

Keep your eyes peeled for what will come next....

Do you have any really good baby knitting patterns you like to know? I would love to hear your recommendations.

8 September 2014

Snuggly Baby Circus Blanket

So I am trying to ignore the little blip in posting that happened in August, but the truth is we were just so incredibly busy I don't think we had one weekend where we weren't off somewhere or had plans to do something. But one of the incredible things we did was to go and visit some friends over in Denmark.

Having played warcraft for such a long time its not really surprising we have got to know some of the people we play with really well after all these years (don't worry i'm not off on a tangent here, it will eventually link in to the post I promise!). We have been saying we should get ourselves to Denmark for years now, and what with the baby now on the way, and a couple of our friends having a newborn of their very own we decided it was now or never really. So off we went over bank holiday weekend for a few days in Copenhagen.

It was great to see our friends and even better to see their new little man Jamie. The one thing I really loved was, that in Denmark, you can buy quilts for baby's and they wrap up their little baby's like a sausage to get them to sleep, its so cute! But in Denmark they do leave their baby's outdoors to nap, even in their cold winters so they do need to be kept nice and snuggly.

This made me really want to make a cute little quilt cover for our little man when he arrives. Whilst on our free day out in Copenhagen being tourists Chris actually spotted one of their fabric shops and let me go in for a wander. It was amazing, they had so many good quility fabrics, I could have easily filled a suitcase and spent a fortune. However, as I could only really buy a little bit, I decided some fabric to make this quilt would be perfect and I should buy something I have never seen in the UK or on the internet... roll up, roll up this adorable circus print cotton (rabbits with mustaches, I mean why wouldn't you!).

I have managed to find the fabric shop online since, but sadly I don't understand a word of it so its very difficult to navigate. But I also haven't managed to find this fabric on the internet anywhere, which is sad as there were some seals with mustaches too and I want to try and get my hands on some of this as an afterthought (so if anyone has any clues PLEASE let me know).

Anyway on to the making of the blanket:

So coming back to the UK it turns out you can't buy quilts for babies younger than one year! We obviously have different regulations over here. This meant I had to rethink the whole idea so instead I decided to just make a nice soft snuggly blanket. Its made to pram blanket size (there is a great link on mothercare which tells you the standard measurements). I purchased some lovely soft spotted white minky fabric from ebay and cut out a piece of minky, a piece of the thinnest tog quilting batting and a piece of the cotton fabric to just bigger than 70x90cm.

The placing of the three layers to make sure they turned right side out boggled my brain a bit, it goes like this:
Cotton (pattern facing up)
Minky (outside facing down)

Then pin, and I mean pin! all the way around and sew a 3/4 seam around all 4 edges making sure you leave a gap big enough to turn the whole thing the right way out. Using a walking foot will make sewing the three layers significantly easier, but if you don't have one you can managed without just make sure you pin really well, sew slowly and make sure the foot is not down too tightly.

Turn the blanket right side out, poke out your corners, iron, pin down your opening seam and then sew a nice neat line all the way around the outer edge to keep the layers together and make the whole thing look pretty and neat.

There is a much better tutorial here: iCraft Minky Blanket Tutorial

It turned out really great. It's neat, I love the colours and best of all its so soft and comfy. I can't wait to wrap our little winter bundle up in it for a cuddle!

Lastly, to finish off this mammoth post you can have a token picture of that famous street in Copenhagen! There

5 September 2014

Leather Bow Wristy Cuffs

Do you like what I did there? Like fisty cuffs but a lot less violent!

Continuing on the love of leather and bows which seems to be a bit of a theme going on around here I made this lovely pink leather wrist cuff out of some of the leftover leather from the bow belt, a glue gun and a couple of poppers. Its so pretty and very pink, it matches my hair perfectly. A bit of a girly take on the normal goth style leather studded bracelets of my youth!

I used this tutorial by 'Oh the lovely things' and honestly this couldn't have been an easier make, it took about 30 minutes max, and that included waiting for the glue gun to heat up. The tutorial uses regular sew on poppers but as I have a whole bunch of proper leather ones from the bow belt tutorial I figured I might as well use one of these. So if you have a spare bit of leather hanging about, or an old bag/jacket destined for the rubbish bin I urge you to give this a whirl, the tutorial is really great. 

I don't really have a lot planned for my weekend, Mr Fox is off to a stag do, so honestly I think I will just take the opportunity to sit on my ass for a little while and enjoy the quiet time. I am going to see my grandad this evening, which will be lovely as I don't see him all that often. The baby bump is growing quiet significantly but is all happy and well, then Sunday we are off to a Fox family get together which should be lovely. I hope whatever you are up to you enjoy it and have a lovely weekend.

1 September 2014


Hello! Welcome back... with a bang (or a pop, or in this case just a collapse!)

I needed to play a bit of toddler pinata the other day, for those that don't know toddler pinata is where you have a trap door in the bottom, and use ribbon to release the door. Only one ribbon has a knot in, so the others simply just pull out rather than bashing the crap out of the cardboard figure.

I tried to figure out how to adapt a store bought pinata, but couldn't for the life of me work it out, though it turns out I could have just used a craft knife on the bottom and it would have been an simple as that. But anyway, that's no fun, and not the DIY Fox way right, so I set about making my own. It also turned out to actually be a lot cheaper to make my own, I got to pick the colours and even have tissue paper to spare.

I started out with some cardboard from the recycling bin and was just going to make a box shape. I figured whilst taping it though that it would be a lot simpler to just make a cone with an old cereal box and tape a circular base onto the bottom with a trap door cut in it. I then set about covering it is roughly chopped tissue paper strips in 3 different colours and just attached with pva glue.

The final stage was to cut out a ton of little tiny slits and place the strips of ribbon through each one, tying a knot in the end of one of the strings. Then loosely tape the hole up and cover the tape with another piece of tissue paper and voila!

It didn't go 100% to plan as the knot came through the hole, so I had to tie up another one mid game, and the string I had to hold it didn't hole out with the weight so we had just stand their holding the top of it. But it served its purpose and there was a sweetie fallout!

8 August 2014

We have completed kitchen

It's finally finished, a good month after they started, so it's been marred a bit by its trials and tribulations (nothing is ever easy eh!) but we now have a fully functioning, completed kitchen. 

If you have alook at how it looked before you can see how much different the place looks now:

The biggest things I was adamant about we're getting some patio doors, though I never expected ones as big as we finally got, and more work surface. As you can see the old kitchen had a mid hight oven right in the centre. I am not sure what the thoughts were of the owners who arranged this one but there is just no long bit of worktop to do your prep work on. Something we have rectified now. We also have a lot more cupboard space as well. 

W arre really happy with how the whole thing turned out. Even with all the black the kitchen is just so much lighter, and the garden almost feels a part of the house now. 

Time to get on with the next job which is decorating the baby room. We have next week off work but have made so many plans it's going to be difficult to get as much done as we wanted! Some of plans include Europes strongest man, the zoo, microlight flying, afternoon tea... It's going to be fun if nothing else. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on the other side. 

4 August 2014

Little Man of Steel

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Superman floor cushions of course! 

Mr Fox is a big fan of the man of steel and a while ago when he had begrudgingly been fabric shopping with me on the market he did spot this incredible superman fabric (which also comes in Spider-Man and Batman options). I believe it's a thick cotton, and is no rip off, no it's officially licensed DC fabric. So after finding out we were having a boy and buying a cuddly teddy baby onesie I hopped off to the market for a couple of meters of this to please both the little and big boy! 

I have owned a couple of floor cushions for about 7 years now and I have been meaning to re-cover them for about 5, but they were tucked in a back room and never really much of a priority. When we were little my mum had made some noddy floor cushions for me and my sister and we loved them, often bringing them downstairs to sit on whilst watching TV. So once I got the fabric I immediately knew this would be perfect for recreating something from my childhood for my child. I love the thought of recreating things through the generations, it feels so nostalgic. 

These awesome things took a total of about an hour to complete both, including the ironing so it was a great, quick and satisfying project for a Saturday afternoon. I really like them and can't wait to get the bedroom decorated to get them in situ. 

Do you have anything special from your childhood that you can remember your mum (or dad) making for you? A wooden train,  a cuddly toy? Sometimes something handmade can be your most prized possession, even as a child, with all those expensive toys. 

1 August 2014

It's a Boy!

Yes, that's right, it looks like we will be having a little boy join our family at the end of the year. It's so strange, the whole thing feels a lot more real now that he is our son rather than just baby. So now I get to craft and shop with focus! Very exciting.

I have immediately cast on this adorable little jumper. It's actually something I intended to knit for my nephew, but I obviously didn't finish it, and now he is bigger than my knitting so at least I have a reason to start again (in a smaller size so it's quicker to complete!). The pattern is from they Rowan just baby book which I purchased a couple of years ago. As you can see I am knitting it in the exact same colour way, but the colours are just gorgeous for a boy.

I am already racking up my baby boy craft projects in my mind so hopefully we will be seeing a few more projects and a few less life updates. I did try to make a maternity skirt, but it just went monumentally wrong... Twice! So I gave up on that as a bad job and will have another crack at it next week. 

Have lovely weekend everybody whatever you are up too.