8 August 2014

We have completed kitchen

It's finally finished, a good month after they started, so it's been marred a bit by its trials and tribulations (nothing is ever easy eh!) but we now have a fully functioning, completed kitchen. 

If you have alook at how it looked before you can see how much different the place looks now:

The biggest things I was adamant about we're getting some patio doors, though I never expected ones as big as we finally got, and more work surface. As you can see the old kitchen had a mid hight oven right in the centre. I am not sure what the thoughts were of the owners who arranged this one but there is just no long bit of worktop to do your prep work on. Something we have rectified now. We also have a lot more cupboard space as well. 

W arre really happy with how the whole thing turned out. Even with all the black the kitchen is just so much lighter, and the garden almost feels a part of the house now. 

Time to get on with the next job which is decorating the baby room. We have next week off work but have made so many plans it's going to be difficult to get as much done as we wanted! Some of plans include Europes strongest man, the zoo, microlight flying, afternoon tea... It's going to be fun if nothing else. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on the other side. 

4 August 2014

Little Man of Steel

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Superman floor cushions of course! 

Mr Fox is a big fan of the man of steel and a while ago when he had begrudgingly been fabric shopping with me on the market he did spot this incredible superman fabric (which also comes in Spider-Man and Batman options). I believe it's a thick cotton, and is no rip off, no it's officially licensed DC fabric. So after finding out we were having a boy and buying a cuddly teddy baby onesie I hopped off to the market for a couple of meters of this to please both the little and big boy! 

I have owned a couple of floor cushions for about 7 years now and I have been meaning to re-cover them for about 5, but they were tucked in a back room and never really much of a priority. When we were little my mum had made some noddy floor cushions for me and my sister and we loved them, often bringing them downstairs to sit on whilst watching TV. So once I got the fabric I immediately knew this would be perfect for recreating something from my childhood for my child. I love the thought of recreating things through the generations, it feels so nostalgic. 

These awesome things took a total of about an hour to complete both, including the ironing so it was a great, quick and satisfying project for a Saturday afternoon. I really like them and can't wait to get the bedroom decorated to get them in situ. 

Do you have anything special from your childhood that you can remember your mum (or dad) making for you? A wooden train,  a cuddly toy? Sometimes something handmade can be your most prized possession, even as a child, with all those expensive toys. 

1 August 2014

It's a Boy!

Yes, that's right, it looks like we will be having a little boy join our family at the end of the year. It's so strange, the whole thing feels a lot more real now that he is our son rather than just baby. So now I get to craft and shop with focus! Very exciting.

I have immediately cast on this adorable little jumper. It's actually something I intended to knit for my nephew, but I obviously didn't finish it, and now he is bigger than my knitting so at least I have a reason to start again (in a smaller size so it's quicker to complete!). The pattern is from they Rowan just baby book which I purchased a couple of years ago. As you can see I am knitting it in the exact same colour way, but the colours are just gorgeous for a boy.

I am already racking up my baby boy craft projects in my mind so hopefully we will be seeing a few more projects and a few less life updates. I did try to make a maternity skirt, but it just went monumentally wrong... Twice! So I gave up on that as a bad job and will have another crack at it next week. 

Have lovely weekend everybody whatever you are up too. 

28 July 2014

Sunny weekend in Norfolk

I know... Another rather non craft related report, but do you know what.. We spent basically all weekend by the seaside (well more travel than sea, but we can't have it all).

My auntie lives in the most incredible house in the middle of the Norfolk Coast. It's a one story house in the middle of some farmland which is made entirely from wood and tin. It's been there for a long time, and from what we can tell, in the early days people would just add rooms and rooms on to it, so it has around 30 I believe, and is a proper little maze on the inside. It is adorably quaint though, with handmade furnishings, and cute eclectic charity shope decor, I love it. 

The views are spectacular as well. We had a really lovely time with the family. But do you know what, as much as I love the ability to stop and kick back every once in a while I don't think I could cope with living away from the city. Though there is a lot to be said for the good life. 

I hope you all has a lovely weekend? Do you have any thoughts on country vs city living? 

I promise to be back ASAP with some sewing.. I really need to think about starting on the Christmas stuff for project craft as well! So much stuff! 

25 July 2014

I think it might be time to get maternity sewing

For the first time today I decided to 'dress' the bump instead of hiding it. It really is true what they say, the media can make you so body concious, even when pregnant. All those perfectly rounded bumps you see on the dress models and in magazines. Well do you know what? my bump is not perfectly spherical, it does look a bit like a double belly and I have decided I don't care. Its a special time and I should celebrate it instead of hiding it.

I am also very concious that my wardrobe is shrinking (or I am growing) so its probably time to start looking at Maternity clothes, and what better way that to try and make a few myself. Megan Nielson does the most amazing independent sewing pattern pack for mums to be so I have purchased my very own copy and can't wait to get sewing some of these. I will start with the skirt which I just adore.

Image is the property of Megan Nielson

I have started off a little pinterest board to see the types of things I want to wear during the pregnancy. I am sure I will be adding to this as the seasons go on, especially as we will be into winter and dark nights before I really need to cover this thing up! 

So if any of you out there have any tips on dressing maternity through the seasons, or getting sewing for your bump I would love to hear all about it. 

Follow Helen Fox's board Maternity style on Pinterest.

21 July 2014

Crochet Baby Bear Hat

Who's been sleeping in my bed...? No one at the moment but it won't be long I'm sure till we have a tiny person trying to hog the covers as well as Mr Fox! 

Not having the craft room hasn't been a total disaster, I have managed to crochet this awesome little baby bear hat. Anyone that knows me will easily be able to tell you that my child is going to be nearly permanently in some fancy dress or another! You can't wait can you!

It's still a couple of weeks till we find out the sex so I am still trying to craft neutral, Bears are a great way to cover this even if brown is not exactly my favourite colour. 

The main body of the hat was crocheted using the following Velvet Acorn pattern. The face was self drafted from felt pieces and sewn on with a blanket stitch. Finally the ears were self drafted. I did start off with two giant pom poms for ears but they didn't quiet look right so I made up a new set. 

Using the same wool and hook as the main pattern (you will have to purchase it for that info):
Make a magic loop and sc 5 times into the loop, do not join
Turning the work 2sc in each stitch around (10 sc), do not join
Turning the work sc in each stitch until you reach the last one (9sc), slip stitch, fasten off.

You then just need to sew them on to the body. I don't think mine are quiet equal but meh!

In other news: The Kitchen fiasco continues, we can't get a worktop for 2 weeks so they have had to put in a temporary fix and then they will come back and finish it off. Not ideal, but at least I can use the kitchen for now. We had a major storm, I should not have been laughing at us not flooding at the top of a hill, the garage was underwater, though nothing major so we are counting ourselves very lucky. Also Mr Fox bought a Harley! I am a little gutted I can't have a go until next year but I am really pleased for him, he was so happy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. p.s. if you have any cute animal baby makes to send my way for trying please do... I probably won't be able to resist.

18 July 2014

My new little toy

Wow, well this week has been a bit of hard work. What with not having a kitchen, the builders being around until 7.30 in the evening and me loosing my craft room I don't seem to have time to do anything but work and sleep. We have just found out as well that the kitchen is going to be delayed two whole weeks :( not happy news.

But on a brighter note I wanted to show you my new little toy/treat/whatever you want to call it. I have been thinking about a new point and shoot for a while now as I have an SLR but my little everyday camera is very old and very battered. However I have a bit of a thing for cameras so my search got a bit extensive and I ended up with this little beauty on the right.

It's a Fuji Finepix X20 and I think the thing that drew me to it the most was it's styling, look at it, so similar to my first manual SLR (which took real film!), it's even made of aluminium in stead of plastic so it feels really sturdy. 

I had real toss up between one with a really good aparture priority or one with a super zoom. I eventually decided, as my SLR has a decent enough zoom, I should go for the aparture which the other is lacking in. I am really glad I did I love shooting pics with this thing. It's a good job I bought a big handbag though, it's not really handbag sized!! 

You can see the aparture at work above in a picture I took at the wedding in Scotland. It even supports a wifi SD card so I can transfer pics immediately to my phone and ipad for instant blogging to you lot. 

I just need to make a pretty case for it now so I can chuck it in my handbag without ruining it. I just need to think about how to work around that awkward lens! 

Have an awesome weekend everybody xx